While the voices of some actors may not match the physical characteristics they carry in real life, for this particular casting, I'd say the resemblance is quite good — minus the orange-colored fur, of course. 

Producers for the upcoming 3-D animated feature film adaptation of Dr. Seuss' beloved book "The Lorax" have announced that Danny DeVito will voice the squatty, round creature of the same name.

As MNN's Stephanie Rogers wrote back in July 2009, the book is "a cautionary tale about a businessman who clears a forest of all its Truffula trees despite warnings from the tree-loving Lorax. Once the trees are gone, the Lorax and all of the other creatures leave, even the fish, and the former forest becomes a sad wasteland."

Rounding out the cast is Zac Efron as the human hero "Ted", the always-awesome Betty White as his grandmother, and the two villains will be voiced by Ed Helms and Rob Riggle.

“Danny has this wonderful ability to be acerbic and grouchy but at the same time absolutely lovable," Illumination Entertainment chief Chris Meledandri told USA Today. "It’s almost like Walter Matthau had. His comedic edge was very sharp, but he always maintained that warmth.”

"The Lorax" is expected to hit theaters in March 2012. 

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Danny DeVito is 'The Lorax'
Actor to voice the orange-colored creature in Dr. Seuss' famous environmentally-themed children's story.