The reach of green lifestyle expert Danny Seo is about to extend to your newsstand. 

The 37-year-old will launch "Naturally, Danny Seo" in July - a magazine focused on sustainable food, travel, health, and beauty and crafts. 

"I have a long history in magazine publishing having worked as one of the first editors at Organic Style, then Country Home, Better Homes & Gardens and even guest edited a green issue of ELLE," Seo told me last week. "The idea to do my own magazine actually all came together quite organically (no pun intended).  I originally wanted to do a special issue, or a Special Interest Publication, as a stand alone title and as a one-off. But the more we talked to retailers and advertisers, the more everyone kept asking me if I would be willing to actually just take a leap and do my own magazine. The category is in dire need of a publication that looks at sustainable living from a stylish, everyday lifestyle perspective. I feel rather lucky to have the opportunity to create Naturally, Danny Seo."

As with any magazine featuring a sustainable bent, great care must be taken to make sure the impact of the printing process isn't a detriment to the message. To this end, Seo has worked with his team to source recycled paper that he says will genuinely surprise people with its quality. 

"One of the biggest problems facing the magazine industry is the quality of paper print publications are using," he says. "Yes, paper is expensive, but going thinner and thinner to the point of being almost able to see right through the pages is not the solution. Naturally, Danny Seo will be printed on some of the highest quality and greenest paper in the marketplace. We found a great paper manufacturer in upstate New York called Mohawk Fine Papers. They are like the Tiffany of paper companies and I think people will be surprised we are upgrading to such a thick, heavy, wonderfully textural paper for the magazine. The reason? I feel strongly magazines should not be a disposable product, but more of an archival one. Printed materials (especially with our gorgeous photography) has become a new luxury goods item and we want to celebrate that. The paper is luxurious, recycled and even made using wind power. Mohawk Fine Paper is more than just green, it's utterly gorgeous."

Besides adamantly stating that he'll never be a cover boy (“I contractually said I will not be on the cover,” he told Media Ink), Seo also reveals that, keeping in the theme of the magazine, "Naturally" will not photoshop or retouch any celebrities they shoot. As for stories, he offers a sneak peek saying, "In issue 2, we are heading to Tahiti to take the Monoi Oil trail, which is an indigenous natural beauty ingredient found only in Tahiti. It's a combination of lush Tiare flowers and coconut oil. We are also looking at food from a healthy, but delicious and easy to prepare perspective with our food partners at The Natural Gourmet Institute and in partnership with Whole Foods."

"Naturally, Danny Seo" will run two issues this year, with plans to go quarterly in 2015. To stay on top of the launch, follow him on Twitter or visit his official site here

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Danny Seo expanding green lifestyle empire with new magazine
I caught up with the green living guru to discuss the upcoming launch, the team behind it, and the stories we can expect.