Daryl Hannah, one of the more "true green" actresses in Hollywood, has gone down under to Australia to add to her knowledge of sustainable agriculture.

The 49-year-old actress is enrolled in a two-week permaculture class in Cairns — with hopes that it will teach her a bit more about living in harmony with nature.

"Obviously, we are facing a time of great crises," she said. "We are in the middle of probably the biggest extinction in recorded history. We are pretty much at peak oil (use) and we have overpopulation."

"Permaculture is one of the best tools that I know in terms of understanding our place within that system and still do the things we need to do, like grow food and collect water... (It's) a more sane way of living in harmony with our environment."

According to Cairns.com, Hannah will also be a keynote speaker at the 10th Australasian Permaculture Convergence Conference running Sept. 24-27.

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Daryl Hannah, permaculture babe
Actress flies to Australia for two-week course on sustainable agriculture.