When it comes to the world of celebrity, fashion is an ever-changing, use-once-and-forget-it, type affair that often involves extensive wardrobes and dedicated stylists. For Daryl Hannah, however, it's always been about hand-me-downs and thrift shops.

"Everything I’m wearing is my mum’s — I get “new” clothes from other people’s hand-me-downs," she told the UK Daily Mail. "I still fit into stuff I had when I was 17, and I can find anything I ever want in thrift shops."

She added that wearing new items from designers is a thrill, but it's not something she lives for.

"I recently got a note from Stella McCartney inviting me to wear one of her dresses at an event I was attending, so I borrowed a beautiful black gown and I enjoyed the sensation of wearing something so creative and special — but I don’t need that buzz every day."

Hannah also talked about her fear of what humans are doing to the planet — and how increased civil disobedience over these issues is needed.

"We’re losing between 150 and 200 species a day, and these aren’t just obscure isolated bugs that don’t matter," she emphasizes. "These are plants and animals we rely on for medicines, ants that build our soil, worms that fertilize our soil, mycorrhizal spores that boost plant health. Our ecosystem relies on them; our survival depends on them. We need to take this seriously, raise our voices and lay our bodies on the line."

via UK Daily Mail

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Daryl Hannah's recycled fashion sense
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