Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" yesterday, Mike Tyson opened up in a way few have seen — declaring that his daughter's death provided the tragic impetus for turning his life around.

In May 2009, Tyson's 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, was found tangled in a cord dangling from an exercise treadmill. She was rushed to a hospital, but she died of her injuries a few days later. In the interview with DeGeneres, Tyson says he fully intended to go to the hospital filled with rage, but calmed after witnessing other parents with their own children coping with tragedy.

"I was pretty enraged, just torn apart, and I went to the hospital — she was on a machine — and I'm anticipating, because I'm probably coming down from a hangover, to go to the hospital and raise hell," he said.

"But when I got there and I saw other people there, whose children had either died or they were dying, and they were handling it with dignity."

"I didn't want to be the psycho parent up there — I wanted to handle it with dignity as well."

After her passing, Tyson said he vowed to change his ways by giving up alcohol and embracing a vegan diet. "It an awesome feeling," he told DeGeneres, herself a vegan.

Check out a clip below of Tyson talking about his weight loss and love of pigeons on the show:

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Daughter's death made Tyson turn his life around
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