In honor of the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil this summer, the BBC commissioned a "secret" documentary featuring former soccer pro David Beckham and three companions traversing through the rain forest. The 90-minute film covers some two weeks Beckham and co. spent traveling through the wilds of Brazil - all the while learning how to camp, cook, and fish. 

"This is an unforgettable documentary set in the heart of the dense Amazon rain forest following David Beckham," says Helen Jackson, the managing director for content at BBC Worldwide. "Through his eyes, audiences will experience life in the jungle, something so distant from David's life on and off the pitch and in the glare of the world's media".

We'll have to wait and see if Beckham's experience at all compares to the very-intense excursion into the rain forest that Channing Tatum had a few years back. After calling upon survivalist Bear Grylls for advice, Tatum gathered up 10 of his friends and traveled to the Guyana rain forest "just to see how long we could last." 

"It really truly makes you understand how much you really don't need on a daily basis," he told Letterman. "We had a hatchet and a hammock, we were sleeping in trees ... We had MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) ... but mainly (we) fished ... We just wanted to get away, we felt like if the world ever comes to an end, we would not know what to do in the wild."

David Beckham's as-yet untitled rain forest doc will premiere just before the FIFA World Cup in early June. 

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David Beckham turns explorer in BBC rain forest documentary
90-minute film will feature the former soccer star and three friends experiencing life in the jungle.