David Hasselhoff paid a visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday and, among other things, revealed to the host that he'll soon have his own show on Animal Planet called "Hoff The Map".

“I love animals and I love this new ecosystem I’m promoting," said the former "Baywatch" star. "Pam Anderson is out promoting animals — I’m out promoting the world.”

Of course, nothing is as it seems on "Kimmel" and viewers quickly understood just the type of ecosystem Hasselhoff wanted to show off: that which dwells in his chest hair.

The spoof featured gazelles jumping, crocodiles fighting and cattle mating inside the actor’s thick crop of chest hair. Hasselhoff added: "The majesty, the joy, the danger and baby-making. There's so much to explore as we go Hoff The Map."

Check out the hilarity below: 

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David Hasselhoff's chest hair ecosystem
Actor shows off spoof nature series that takes us to a lost world few have dared to explore.