From the cold and unforgiving waters of the Bering Sea to the cha-cha-cha on "Dancing with the Stars"? Such is the rumored plotted course for Sig Hansen, one of the star captains on the Discovery Channel's hit series, "Deadliest Catch."

It's almost the last place you would expect to find a seasoned fisherman, but Hansen, 45, insists that he's aching for the opportunity.

In May 2010, he shared his dream to Jay Leno during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" saying, "I can do it ... Why not? I've got nothing to lose. I don't lose my day job. I might lose my masculinity, but that's okay," he said. "It's a challenge. What the hell?"

Now it appears that Hansen might actually see his dream come true. In an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, he hinted that an appearance on Season 14 is in the works. 

“So they’re looking at it for next March and I’ll do it. I think it’d be good for the brand, once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it’s f*ckin’ cool, you know? Why not, you know?… I think it’d be fun. It’s just, you know, why not? I’m living life. It’s been fun and as long as it doesn’t hurt my relationship with my wife, I’m good with it.” 

Even though this fall's Season 13 cast has yet to be even be announced, it's not surprising that the show would nail down Hansen for the spring. Filming for the next season of "Deadliest Catch" kicks off in October, so there's no way the captain of the Northwestern could participate. A spring engagement sounds about right. 

As for "Deadliest Catch," Hansen says that he loves the opportunities it has brought him (including getting to meet Willie Nelson, Jay Leno and Paul McCartney) but he doesn't care much for the "dark and dangerous" editing. 

“Playing Johnny Cash, everybody’s wearing black, (the tagline) ‘survive the season, survive each other’… it’s like, what the hell are they even talking about?” he said. “We like to have fun doing what we do. So if I see it get dark like that, I just don’t care for it as much.”

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