After some rough waters near the end of September, it appears that filming for the next season of Discovery Channel's reality hit series "Deadliest Catch" is moving full-steam ahead.

Two weeks ago, things were downright stormy after three stars from the show — Capts. Johnathan Hillstrand, Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen — announced that they would not be returning for the next season. Discovery had earlier slapped the Hillstrands with a $3 million lawsuit, alleging that they failed to complete obligations for work on "Hillstranded," a planned "Catch" spinoff. Firing back, the Hillstrands’ lawyer likened the lawsuit to extortion and said the lawsuit might force his clients to sell their boats and fire their crews. 

Hansen later joined the Hillstrands in standing up to Discovery as a sign of solidarity. 

“We are brothers," he recently told "I told these guys a long time ago, it’s fishing first. We made a lot of fans. We’ve affected a lot people in positive ways. People like us because we are real and what they see is what they get. All of a sudden, things got a little out of kilter. So what you see is what you get.”

After a massive outcry from fans for Discovery to make things right, the network managed to calm the waters and convince the Hillstrands and Hansen to return. 

“Emotionally, it was hell,” said Johnathan Hillstrand. “We didn’t want to be sued. We didn’t want all the fans hating Discovery.”

Also back on the table is the spin-off that caused all the drama, "Hillstranded". Debuting sometime next year, it will feature the siblings investigating the myths and legends of Alaska; including a supposed Loch Ness Monster-type creature. 

Season 7 of "Deadliest Catch" started filming last night and will debut April 2011.

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