The seventh season of the Discovery Channel's hit series "Deadliest Catch" came to an end last night — with the network using the moment to honor fallen crew member Justin Tennison.

The 33-year-old deckhand from the ship Time Bandit was found unresponsive in February in an Alaska Best Western hotel room. Police say Tennison's room contained alcohol and a small amount of marijuana, but nothing else. Results from an autopsy were never officially released.

"We lost a really good friend and crew mate right after the season ended," Scott Hillstrand, a deckhand for Time Bandit, told the West Seattle Herald. "I've known him for over 15 years. The way that he had humbled and completely changed his whole aspect of life, and for us to all see that, and to see how much he appreciated life really affected us deeply."

"He'll be remembered forever," he added. "His family will get to see what he worked for when they watch the show, and everyone else will get to see that,  too, and know the person that he was. His son was only 6 years old and didn't really know his dad but it's something he will be able to take and hold forever."

Tennison's death came a little over a year after the show was rocked by the loss of Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, who died at 53.

"We've had a rough year," Eddie Uwekoolani, another Time Bandit crew member, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Phil Harris died. The boys been having some trouble, the Cornelia boys. … I don't know if we're all getting too relaxed or enjoying the movie part, but ... everybody is watching their health now."

Season 8 of "Deadliest Catch" will begin filming in October.

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'Deadliest Catch' honors fallen crew member
Season finale dedicated to Justin Tennison, who passed away last February from unknown causes.