For fans of Discovery's "Deadliest Catch," April means a return to the Bering Sea and the beginning of yet another season of thrills and drama in the search for king crab. 


The hit reality series kicks off its eighth season this Tuesday evening at 9 p.m., celebrating 100 episodes and facing what the network is calling "its harshest winter yet." 


"This season 'Deadliest Catch' crews have their fishing quota slashed by almost half, bringing home a cold economic reality — how will they make enough money to support their families and literally keep their businesses afloat?," the release states. "With the change in quota, the captains are faced with choices in strategy and tactics — who will go for the more elusive blue crab? Which boat will risk changing pots and gear in order to reap higher profits? And later in the season, fishing opilio or 'snow crab,' the fleet faces some of the harshest weather conditions any of them have ever experienced in more than a quarter century of fishing."


Last season's series premiere brought in more than 4.3 million viewers, propelling Discovery to the top of the cable TV ratings. For a taste of the action that will likely reel in the eyeballs once again, check out the teaser trailer below. 



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'Deadliest Catch' returns to Discovery for season 8
Massively popular reality television series celebrates its 100th episode with premiere on April 10.