Surreal desert reflections: Where's the camera?!

Photos courtesy of Ari Fararooy

At first glance, this selfie may appear totally ordinary, but take a closer look ...

"Wait! Where's the camera?!"

The trippy image above is just one of many self-portraits created a few weeks ago for the "Desert Reflections" series by Ari Fararooy, a Los Angeles-based director, editor and visual effects extraordinaire.

Armed with his camera, tripod and a simple mirror, Fararooy ventured into Joshua Tree National Park and spent three hours pushing the limits of creative selfie photography. After getting the images he needed (and shattering the mirror in the process!), he then experimented on them with various editing and digital manipulation techniques that yielded some truly strange masterpieces.

Surreal desert reflections: Seeing triple

A magician never reveals his secrets, but it's safe to say there's more than a little Photoshop trickery going on around here. What's special about Fararooy's work is how subtle and seamless his manipulations manifest within each piece — sometimes you need to do a double-take just to fully grasp their surreality!

To see more of Fararooy's work, check out his Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter. In the meantime, continue below to see more of his otherworldly self-portraits, which are sure to inspire you to up your own selfie game!

Surreal desert reflections: Looking in a Canon camera
Surreal desert reflections: Mirror within a mirror
Surreal desert reflections: Orb selfie
Surreal desert reflections: Fractured mirror
Surreal desert reflections: Sunglasses
Surreal desert reflections: Upside down
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Desert selfies show magician's slight of hand
In "Desert Reflections," a visual effects extraordinaire pushes the limits of selfie photography.