While Leonardo DiCaprio may have lost out to his "Django Unchained" co-star Christoph Waltz during last night's Golden Globes, the actor was a big winner the night previous at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Home Gala.

The event, a star-studded evening of fundraising for earthquake-devastated Haiti, featured a special auction for two to spend a day with former president Bill Clinton. According to sources, DiCaprio immediately bid $100,000 for the historic opportunity. He was promptly outbid (reportedly by actress Reese Witherspoon), with the total soaring over $400K - but then proposed the two rival bidders join forces and put their funds together to turn the day out for two into a party of four. 

“If you can afford to be here tonight and wear cologne, then you can afford to bid on some of these things," Sean Penn told those in attendance, according to Style.com. “I promise you, I f--king promise, that we will make a difference in Haiti,” Penn said. “Don’t let the same five people do all the bidding.."

Tickets to the event, which was attended by the likes of Julia Roberts, Anderson Cooper, Mel Gibson, Daniel Craig, Richard Gere, and others, reportedly cost between $2,500-$5,000. In total, more than $4M was raised for rebuilding efforts in the country for Penn's J/P Haitian Relief Organization

The 52-year-old actor/activist, who now lives in Haiti half the year and has committed the rest of his life to fighting for its people, said earlier that the world cannot forget what happened there

"It's not only celebrities that went (to Haiti) to help only for a day," said Penn. "It's the whole f-ing world. It's the entire media. It's all of you."

"The reason people get Haiti fatigue is that they never commit in the first place," he added. "People have to understand this is not about diving into the water. You're going to have to swim."

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DiCaprio bids $200K for charity date with Bill Clinton
Actor jumped at the opportunity to spend time with the former president during a charity auction event for Sean Penn’s recent fundraiser for Haiti.