84-year-old Dick Van Dyke has become the latest celebrity to join the World Wildlife Fund's Texting for Tigers campaign.

The legendary actor and television host says the rate at which tigers are disappearing is alarming; especially given their numbers when he was born.

“Who would have thought that I might outlive one of the most majestic species to ever walk the planet?” said Van Dyke. “When I learned that tigers, which numbered close to 80,000 when I was born in the 1920s, were closing in on extinction, I was stunned.”

To help the World Wildlife Fund raise millions for their protection, Van Dyke recorded a new PSA urging people to donate $10 by texting "TIGERS" to 20222.

“It’s amazing — just a few years ago we had to pull out the checkbook and mail off a check to donate money,” stated Van Dyke. “It couldn’t get any simpler.”

Check out Dick's PSA below — and visit the official site for the campaign here to learn more about how you can help.

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Dick Van Dyke named WWF Tiger Ambassador
Legendary actor joins World Wildlife Fund in asking people to help keep tigers from going extinct.