While it's not the new addition everyone in Britain is hoping Kate Middleton will soon announce, it does appear that she and Prince William have recently expanded their family. 


PEOPLE today posted a snapshot of the recently-turned-30 Duchess of Cambridge and her husband strolling along a beach in North Wales and accompanied by a black lab puppy. The picture appears to confirm earlier rumors by US Weekly in late December that William was planning on surprising Kate with a pup for her birthday. The prince, 29, had a black lab growing up named Widgeon.


There's no indication yet Kate and Will rescued the puppy from a shelter, but the idea isn't so far fetched. Last August, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla adopted a Jack Russell Terrier named Beth from the Battersea Dogs Home in London.


Battersea’s chief executive, Claire Horton, told the Daily Mail, “We’re delighted that the Duchess of Cornwall has adopted Beth. Beth is a charming, confident little puppy and we know she will be very happy in her new home. Battersea is fortunate to have the duchess’s support. We look forward to hearing about this Battersea puppy’s progress in her new home.”


While animals didn't make the cut on the list of charities Middleton recently announced to receive her patronage, she has supported conservation efforts in the past. As part of their plan to raise money for charity in lieu of gifts for their wedding, the couple chose the Zoological Society of London as one of 26 recipients. A portion of the more than $1.6M raised will go to the organization in an effort to save endangered tigers, rhinos, and elephants. 

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