The Sundance Film Festival's documentary genre got off to a hot start on opening night - with Todd Miller's "Dinosaur 13" film earning strong word-of-mouth and landing distribution via CNN Films and Lionsgate.

“As CNN Films passes the milestone of its first year, returning to Sundance underscores the strength of our commitment to bringing high quality documentary features to our platforms,” said Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide.  “Our acquisition of DINOSAUR 13 is a great way for us to kick off the Festival this year, and we think our audience is going to love learning the incredible story of Sue.” 

Sue is the nickname of the 65-million year old fossilized skeleton of a T.Rex that "Dinosaur 13" focuses on. The film tells the story of Sue's discovery (one of the largest, most extensive, and best preserved T.Rex skeletons ever found) in the South Dakota badlands - and the subsequent incredible legal drama that enveloped the people that claimed her. 

Miller sums it all up by describing the film as "the true tale of one of the world's greatest discoveries."

Check out a preview below. 

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'Dinosaur 13' goes from Sundance to CNN Films, Lionsgate
Director Todd Miller's new documentary about a 65-million year old fossilized T.Rex skeleton scores big support early.