While the amount of zombie-related media out there is approaching ad nauseam, this particular upcoming special from the Discovery Channel has all the makings of a must-watch. 


Titled "Zombie Apocalypse," the network is calling it a documentary - not necessarily because they believe the undead are going to descend en masse upon the living - but because there are others out there that do. And that's what makes this special so intriguingly awesome. From Entertainment Weekly's exclusive:


"The special interviews four Americans with varying beliefs about the likelihood of a zombie outbreak, including a mother teaching her children to fight zombies who’s fortifying her home to thwart an attack, and the founder of the Kansas “Anti-Zombie Militia” who has a secret location stockpiled with all the supplies necessary to keep him alive during the apocalypse."


A mother who teachers her children how to fight zombies? Honestly, how does Discovery find these people? In the words of "Django's" Calvin Candie, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention! 


Of course there's more - with EW reporting that the "Zombie Apocalypse" special scientifically gives a quasi-thumbs up to the real thing actually happening. 


“The most likely ideology for a zombie pandemic would be a viral outbreak, a mutated contagion most likely a virus,” says Dr. Steven Scholzman of Harvard Medical School says in the doc. “Viruses are fascinating organisms and would be very effective at changing us into something approaching the zombies …They use our DNA they rely on us to spread themselves, so it fits right into the model of zombie pandemic.”


Want another theory? io9 makes the case that a fungal infection could also turns us all into flesh-eating monsters. 


Just in time for the holidays, "Zombie Apocalypse" airs on Discovery on December 18th. 


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Discovery Channel preps 'Zombie Apocalypse' documentary
The best part? The hour-long special will feature interviews with people actually preparing for a real invasion of the undead.