As they have in the past with other natural disasters, the Discovery Channel is quickly putting the gears in motion to create a show around Hurricane Sandy. The storm, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, slammed into the Northeastern United States earlier this week on Oct 29, taking nearly 100 lives and creating billions of dollars worth of destruction. 


"We had a normal hurricane that collided with the jet stream — which normally goes maybe to Kansas — it went all the way down to Florida," world-renowned theoretical physicist and climate change expert Dr. Michio Kaku told CBS "This Morning."


"And so the irregularity of cold air from the Arctic and warm air from the Caribbean area — hotter than normal — the collision of those two morphed into an animal we've never seen before. This hybrid storm, which then became the hurricane from hell."


Discovery will use its Curiosity series to air what's tentatively being called "Super Storm" on Nov. 18. According to a release, the show will document hour-by-hour the hurricane's formation in the Caribbean through its intensification in Cuba to the devastation across the East Coast. The special will also include on-the-ground expert analysis, CGI and satellite imaging, and footage and experiences shared by survivors on the ground. 


"Curiosity" explores how four distinct phenomena combined to create the perfect storm and how we can prepare for the next one, according to the release. 


Look for "Super Storm" to air on Nov. 18 at 9 p.m. EST. 


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Discovery Channel to air Hurricane Sandy special
Network's 'Curiosity' series will produce 'Super Storm,' looking at what caused Hurricane Sandy and the lessons we can learn for next time.