Season two of Discovery's "Gold Rush" is only weeks away from ending, and the network has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that more mining is yet to come.


The entertainment website announced this morning that the next season has been given the green light, though for anyone who follows ratings, the news isn't a surprise. "Gold Rush" has been a massive hit for Discovery, ranking as the top show in its Friday 9 p.m. slot and consistently making a killing in the "advertising gold" demos of males 25-54 and 18-49.


For those who haven't tuned in, the series follows a group of unemployed men from a variety of backgrounds pooling their resources to try their luck in gold mining — with hopes of striking it rich. Naturally, in a time of economic crisis, the story has struck a chord with viewers. As Screenrant so eloquently put it, "Watching a group of everyday citizens risking everything for one purpose is completely captivating."


The second-to-last "Gold Rush" of this season airs this Friday at 9 p.m. E/T. You can watch a trailer for the series below.


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Discovery gives 'Gold Rush' a third season
Reality series continues to strike it rich in key demographics for the network.