A joint venture between Discovery, Sony and IMAX is set to create a new 3-D channel that will launch sometime next January.

According to sources close the deal, which is expected to be announced later this week, the channel will be a 24-hour mix of movies, documentaries and children's programming.

Discovery is a rock-solid partner for Sony and IMAX, considering their high-quality television production and consistently high ranking among viewers for original, entertaining cable series. In an even more telling move, the three have agreed to put current Discovery Channel CEO Tom Cosgrove in charge of the new 3-D network.

How stunning would something like "LIFE" or "PLANET EARTH" be on this channel? I firmly believe that Discovery's move to high-definition years ago was one of the reasons so many people were convinced to buy new television sets. Could lightning strike twice in their promotion of 3-D?

We expect a more formal announcement of the new, as-yet-unnamed channel sometime this week.

via NY Post

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Discovery, Sony and IMAX to launch 3-D channel
Media giants to launch joint venture 24-hour 3-D channel in January.