When the deadly avalanche that took the lives of at least 13 Sherpas struck on Mount Everest last week, the Discovery Channel had in place two expedition crews for its upcoming special "Everest Jump Live." The event, now canceled, would have followed climber Joby Ogwyn's record-breaking wingsuit jump from the summit of Mount Everest. Instead, Discovery will now turn its attention to producing a documentary about the natural disaster - focusing on the "the Sherpa community’s reaction, grieving, and ceremonies for the victims."

For Ogwyn, the tragedy was heartbreaking, as the Sherpa team he lost were all close friends he had worked with previously. 


“He had people he had trained with and had experience with.. .This makes this all the more devastating” [for him], Discovery Group President Eileen O’Neill told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s obviously quite emotional. He’s commited to talk about his experience. He was right there when it happened and he feels like he owed a lot to the Sherpa team.”

Ogwyn, who is currently assisting with recovery efforts on the mountain, will participate in Discovery's documentary to "tell the story of the Sherpas and how they are essential to Everest climbs." 

As part of the special, the Discovery Channel will also encourage viewers to donate to an as-yet undisclosed charity to support the families of the lost Sherpas. 

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Discovery to broadcast special on Everest avalanche disaster
Network, which had film crews on the mountain for its now-canceled "Everest Jump Live," will feature footage from the site of the disaster.