Taking some cues from the "Hunger Games" franchise, Discovery had greenlit a new survival reality series that features audience participation and biometric feedback.

Tentatively titled "Survival Live," the show will place eight people somewhere in the Pacific Rim with absolutely nothing in the way of supplies. The goal is to not only see who can last the full 42 days, but also to win fans via social media who can then aid with gifts of food and other resources. 

“It's a really fascinating opportunity to take one of our strongest genres, survival, and mash it up with a live environment, but also do it in a very social and digital way,” Eileen O'Neill, group president of Discovery and TLC Networks, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Further blurring the lines between science fiction and reality, biometric data will apparently be gleaned from each contestant and be made available 24/7 via a web platform. According to THR, the show will air twice a week - one a pre-recorded episode and the other live - with the latter featuring the weakest contestant being eliminated from the show. Unlike the "Hunger Games," however, this person will likely be treated to recovery in a swank resort, rather than death by arrow, deadly mutant hornets, etc. 

“We have a lot of people who want to test their mettle on our survival shows,” O'Neill added. “These are pretty rugged environments, so we do background checks and psych checks, and that reduces the pool to choose from pretty quickly.”

Discovery expects "Survival Live" to air later this year. 

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Discovery's new reality show is 'Hunger Games' without the killing
'Survival Live' will strand contestants somewhere in the Pacific Rim for 42 days with only the clothes on their backs.