The whispers of Planet Green's demise appear to be growing in intensity, with TV Guide the most recent media outlet to hear from sources that the end is near for the environmental network.

“Discovery is being extra diligent in how it remakes Planet Green," the insider says, "and execs are currently researching genres and potential new names.”

TV Guide goes on to say that the rebranding will take place sometime this summer, with lifestyle themes like food or travel the top contenders for focus.

At one point home to such shows as “Emeril Green,” “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” and the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced “Greensburg,” Planet Green was launched in June 2008 as a replacement for Discovery Home. Some $50 million was invested in setting up the new network.

"Whether it’s SuChin Pak reporting on the latest eco-innovations, events or hot green trends, or comedian and social issues humorist Annabelle Gurwitch showing everyday households how to come clean for the sake of their bank accounts and the health of the planet, or rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and mega rocker Tommy Lee battling it out to see who can out-green the other as their entourages hit the tour route: Planet Green proves that sustainable living is entertaining living,” the original release stated.

Unfortunately, the ratings never really took off and with the exception of a few breakout hits (ie; "The Fabulous Beekman Boys"), the network struggled to provide content that would capture audiences while promoting a green message. Most recently, Planet Green has been dropping the eco-theme altogether with new shows such as “Midnight Snack” and “Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars,” having nothing to do with the original focus.

CEO David Zaslav said early last year that the company was looking to do something “more meaningful” with the channel, especially in light of its valuable audience of more than 60 million households.

A release stated that the new two new programs "represent the first step in Planet Green’s evolution, bridging its eco-centric roots into a destination for lifestyle and entertainment seekers."

In other words, this is the beginning of the end for Discovery's big green experiment.

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