Disneynature released its third Earth Day feature length documentary today with "African Cats" - and as a little surprise for moviegoers dangled what may be an even greater success for next year: "Chimpanzee."

The first trailer for the film, set to debut April 2012, is already causing a collective "Awwww..." to reverberate throughout the Internet. In a departure from previous documentary epics like "EARTH" and "OCEANS", the cameras this time narrow in on one little chimp named Oscar and the dramatic events that happen in his young life.

Disney tells us that the entire thing is a true story that simply unfolds before the camera - but it reads like such a Hollywood story, that the whole unscripted element is almost too good to be true. We're all so jaded these days from films or books claiming veracity only to discover there's more to the story. If "Chimpanzee" really did happen as producers claim, this will truly be a remarkable piece of storytelling to have captured on film.

Like past Disneynature releases, expect the opening weekend for this one to benefit an organization dedicated to chimpanzee conservation. Already, "African Cats" pre-sales have helped save 9,500 acres of African savanna. Check out the adorable trailer below.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Disneynature unveils 'Chimpanzee' trailer
Set to debut on Earth Day 2012, film will focus on an orphaned chimp - and the one who takes him under his wing.