2011 must be the year for big cat movies. Close on the heels of National Geographic’s “The Last Lions” comes another feline documentary — Disneynature’s “African Cats.”

Fellow MNN blogger Michael d’Estries shared some tidbits about the film late last year, but Disneynature’s released some additional exciting details. For one, Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson will narrate “African Cats,” lending his famous voice to the green-minded documentary.

“African Cats” follows the lives of three big cats: The leader of a lion pride, a young lion cub, and a mother cheetah with five baby cheetahs. See the adventures the felines go through starting Earth Day, April 22, when the film opens in theaters across the U.S. Watch the preview below for a taste of the film:

If you make it to the theaters during the opening week (April 22 to 28), a portion of the money you spend will go to The African Wildlife Foundation‘s efforts to protect the Amboseli Wildlife Corridor, an area used by many species of wildlife including lions and cheetahs.
Disneynature's 'African Cats' debuts on Earth Day
See the splendor of cheetahs and lions in the wild -- while helping to preserve wild spaces in Africa.