Editor's Note: This story has been updated since it was originally published on Feb. 23.

Leave it to Disney to take solar panels and turn them into an adorable branding opportunity.

The entertainment giant announced a partnership with Duke Energy last year on a new 5-megawatt solar facility, with a stipulation that the 48,000 panels be arranged in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. Mashable posted photos received from satellite imaging firm NearMap of the installation. And yes, it appears that they've managed to pull off the Mickey design brilliantly.

Of course, the only way you'll be able to see this design is from the sky; yet another example of the "hidden Mickeys" that Disney is fond of placing throughout its theme parks, movies and other properties. While more than 1,000 hidden mickeys have been recorded, fans estimate that there are many more waiting to be discovered. For those that enjoy scouring Google Maps, there's even a hidden Mickey forest in Orlando.

The full story behind this Mickey Mouse Forest, comprising 60,000 trees as part of a reforestation effort by Disney in 1992, can be found here.

The Disney solar farm started generating power in early March, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

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