"Lost" star Dominic Monaghan would like any television producers out there to know that he would love to shoot a reality series on a desert island. 


The 35-year-old recently finished filming his new documentary series, "Dom's Wild Things," and is interested in expanding on his love of survival in nature. 


"I'm camping out in the forest and sleeping in the desert in my new show, but I'd be more than happy to do a desert island show where somebody drops me on an island in the middle of nowhere and sees how I do," he tells WENN. "That might be something that I do at some point.

"I certainly won't die of boredom, and I don't need a lot of creature comforts. I can be entertained just looking at the ocean."


Seems like Monaghan would be the perfect celebrity guest star to make an appearance on Bear Grylls' new NBC reality series, "Get Out Alive." The eight-episode series will see the survivalist guiding teams who are tested in the wilderness through various tasks and missions.


But first for Dom is his new nature series, which will spotlight the world's unusual insects. Set to air later this year in the United Kingdom, the show will take viewers to wild locations in Ecuador, Venezuela, Namibia and Thailand.


“I have been obsessed and interested in nature all my life,” he said in a statement.”This show brings together years of excited preparation by finally creating a series that demonstrates my love for travel, animals, adventure and people.”


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Dominic Monaghan wants a survival series
"Lost" actor Dominic Monaghan would like television producers to know that he would love to shoot a reality series on a desert island. Someone hook this guy up