You could splash out millions on property like Robin Williams' Sonoma estate or Dennis Quaid's Montana wilderness, but if you're really looking for people to take notice, casually dropping that you own Count Dracula's famous fortress in Transylvania trumps them all. 

The famous Bran Castle, situated on a 200ft. tall rock and surrounded by 20 acres of grounds, has long been marketed as the inspiration for the home of author Bram Stoker's fictional vampire character. In truth, Stoker actually had the top of Mount Izvorul Călimanului in the Transylvania Alps as the real setting, but one look at this place makes it clear why so many believe otherwise. With it's current owners of an age that can no longer manage the upkeep, this fortress can now be yours. The only catch is the estimated price (a cool $80M) and the amount of blood, sweat, and tears in remodeling (first task: adding bathrooms) the 57-room fortress. 

“Archduke Dominic and his family care very much for the castle, and it’s in far better shape now than it was when run by the government,” an agent for the sale told the Telegraph. “The aim, though, is to take the whole thing a stage further, re-route the road and make Bran a destination, the kind of place people will stay for two or three days.”

Thankfully, Bran's reputation (it's rumored Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula, was temporarily imprisoned there in the 14th century) makes it a draw for some 560,000 paying tourists each year.

“At present, it makes a tidy profit," Meyer told the Telegraph. "But in the right hands it has the potential to generate far more revenue than we could ever imagine.”

Check out video of Bran Castle below. 

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'Dracula's Castle' in Transylvania is for sale
Towering fortress, built in 1212 by the Teutonic Knights, is one of many linked to the legendary vampire.