You'd be forgiven for taking one look at drone photographer Patrick Gilbert's visually-bent landscapes and experiencing a bit of vertigo. Inspired by the folding cityscapes of films like "Inception," each curved image represents a different location in Gilbert's hometown of North Bay, Ontario.

Much like a Hollywood special effect, there's a lot going on behind the scenes to pull off these brain-twisting photographs.

“These images are a lot more work than just going up at the right time of day and grabbing a quick shot while the light is nice,” Gilbert told PetaPixel. “Each one is a collage of 3-6 individual photos captured at different heights and angles, then stitched together and modified to make everything come together as smoothly and naturally as possible.”

Gilbert isn't the only drone photographer experimenting with this folding effect. Turkish graphic designer and photographer Aydın Büyüktaş has also mastered the technique, posting his own trippy aerial shots to social media for all to enjoy. Below are a few examples from each artist, and they're impressive from any angle. (Just make sure you're sitting down.)

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Drone photographers create 'Inception'-inspired landscapes
Graphic artists Patrick Gilbert and Aydin Buyuktas are using aerial photography to create some unique views of our world.