While other networks have been making ratings history with zombies, fishermen, and gold miners, A&E last night did it all with ducks. 


The unscripted series "Duck Dynasty" captured more than 6.5M viewers for its season two finale Wednesday (Dec. 6th), making it A&E's most-watched telecast of all time. The show focuses on the Robertson family business of custom ducks calls and decoys. It's a unique focus for a series - but like other reality series, it's the characters that keep people coming back for more. 


"They’re as good at being television stars as they are at making duck calls: comfortable on camera; clear about who is serving what comedic function; aware that deadpan humor works much better than aggressively trying to be funny," wrote the NY Times in a review last spring. "The result is a pretty entertaining show."


Even "Nashville," the popular drama on NBC, couldn't match the mighty ducks on A&E Wednesday night for total viewers - a trend that more broadcasters are facing as cable network series like "The Walking Dead" and "Deadliest Catch" steal away more and more eyeballs. 


“Duck Dynasty represents the best of A&E’s unique brand of storytelling, showcasing authentic and engaging characters,” said Bob DeBitetto, President of A&E Network and BIO Channel. “It’s extremely gratifying to see more and more viewers flocking to the series week after week.”


And it's not just television - the series also boasts an extremely healthy social media presence with nearly 2.1 million Facebook fans


Look for "Duck Dynasty" to return to A&E in early 2013. 




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'Duck Dynasty' rides ratings wave
A&E's unscripted series about a family business built around duck calls and decoys has turned into a golden goose.