The latest New York pastime’s a new sort of dumpster diving — at what the New York Times calls “a lo-fi urban country club: three connected pools housed in Dumpsters; a boccie court; some lounge chairs, grills and cabanas.” (via everydaytrash)

These upcycled pools are placed in a lot filled with junk and machinery in industrial Brooklyn. The party space, put together by a company called Macro-Sea, is said to be an effort “to experiment with underused space and materials, repurposing them with urban renewal in mind.” New Yorkers may soon see more like-minded spaces about. Reports NYT: “Macro-Sea itself is using the project as a template for a larger idea: turning eyesore strip malls into artsy community destinations, with Dumpster pools and other indie attractions.”

So far, the space has hosted a party for the art journal Cabinet – and is getting a lot of attention as a semi-secret party spot. David Belt, president of Macro-Sea, appears to be peeved at the fact people actually like the dumpster-pool idea, with the NYT reporting that David rolls his eyes at onlookers and has pledged to shut down the space if it gets — god forbid — popular! Nevermind that he’s conducting interviews with popular publications ReadyMade and NYT about the space.

You could, of course, make your own dumpster pool if you’ve got the space — and the time and energy to put into making the dumpster safe and people-friendly. Read the NYT article for details on how Macro-Sea turned dumpsters into oases for city fun.

Photo: Sheryl / Flickr