The Zombie Fortification Cabin I wrote about late last year is once again making news, this time as part of a insane bundle for a special edition video game. 

The game, titled "Dying Light," is naturally about zombies — with developer Techland deciding it would be fun to launch the U.K. version with one very expensive and one-of-a-kind "My Apocalypse" edition. In addition to the tricked-out cabin, you'll also receive "zombie avoidance parkour lessons," a trip to Poland to visit the developer team, your digitized face in the game, night-vision goggles, and some other themed swag. The total price: A ridiculous $386,000. 

I'm scoffing at the price because for those doomsday preppers serious about investing in Tiger Log Cabin's ZFC-1, you can pick one up right now for less than $100K. Even with all of the options added (installation, solar panels, riot protection outfit, and security cameras), the total cost is $130,000. How in the world all of the other bundled goodies make up the rest of the $250K escapes me. Zombie avoidance parkour lessons must just be really expensive. 

No word yet on if anyone has actually purchased a ZFC-1, but the company behind the cabin has created a virtual walk-thru for those interested. 

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'Dying Light' special edition includes zombie-proof log cabin
For those interested in defeating both the virtual and actual undead, games developer Techland has you covered with its $386,000 'My Apocalypse' edition.