If you’re a serious vegan with a best friend who’s an eco-omnivore — or vice versa — here’s a movie that’ll challenge your enviro-ethical consciousness: "Eating Alaska".

Here’s a film that follows the journey of a die-hard vegetarian who moves to Alaska — and meets people in touch with their natural world who eat — meat! We’re talking fishermen who nosh on the salmon they catch and hunters who bite into the meat of the animals they shoot.

Compare that to what I’ll loosely call the suburban vegan diet — which usually means veg meats and all manner of highly processed food products that may be animal-free, but aren’t exactly local or eco-friendly. How’s an eco-ethical foodie to eat when living off the land means killing animals?

Those are the questions the trailer for "Eating Alaska" raises. I haven’t watched the film yet myself, and thus don’t know what conclusions — if any — the documentary comes to. I plan to see it soon though! Stream it online at New Day Digital for $4.99, buy the DVD for $29.99, or wait to watch the film free on PBS — some day in the future.

'Eating Alaska': A vegetarian's meaty quandary
A new documentary explores a vegetarian's journey into Alaska, where locavores hunt animals for a good meal.