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Walk around One Colorado in Old Town Pasadena tomorrow after sunset, and you’ll notice a glowing curiosity: Empty storefronts illuminated with eco-themed videos.

That public art show’s part of an eco-art installation dubbed “Don’t Blow It/A Rising Tide” by artist Alex Kritselis and filmmaker Joey Forsyte, husband-and-wife collaborators. The videos depict a climate-changed, flooded world, complete with submerged consumer goods floating whimsically through rising oceans.

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Perhaps the most interesting aspect of “Don’t Blow It/A Rising Tide” is its playful think-before-you-buy message — displayed on storefronts closed up by the recession — right alongside open stores inviting holiday shoppers to buy. In one video displayed on a storefront window, an upscale handbag “drowns” in a flooded world. Right next to that exhibit’s a bright store window — spotlighting new must-buy accessories of the season.

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Kritselis says the irony was unintended, though interesting. Irony or not, the regular passerby’s likely to be flummoxed by the videos at first. After all, Kritselis and Forsyte made sure not to hit pedestrians over the head with an eco-didactic message. Some explanatory signs will be placed around One Colorado, but Forsyte says she simply hopes people will see, stop, look, and think — something holiday shoppers aren’t particularly encouraged to do very often.

Thousands are expected to see this exhibit, since it’ll be up during the Rose Bowl Parade. Frequent shoppers need not fear art-boredom, since new videos will be put up at least once a week, with new eco messages and ideas.

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Stop by tomorrow, Thurs., Dec. 17, to see the artists ambling about One Colorado on the official opening day of the exhibit. “Don’t Blow It/A Rising Tide” will be projected every night from sunset to 1 am until Jan. 3. Don’t live anywhere near Pasadena? See the videos on the artists’ Facebook page.

Eco-art floods shopping district
A public art exhibit lights up empty storefronts with eco-themed videos, making holiday shoppers stop to think.