"EcoSense for Living," the popular Emmy-winning television series, returns this month with host Jennie Turner Garlington and more inspiring stories and people making a difference for the environment. The four new episodes, premiering on Georgia Public Broadcasting in celebration of Earth Month, will cover everything from the decline of bee populations to how-tos on planting urban gardens and shopping for non-GMO food. 

“I’m really encouraged the public is embracing 'EcoSense for Living' because that means saving the environment is becoming a higher priority for everyone,” Garlington said in a statement. "In many cases, it’s pretty easy to keep yourself – and your children – more healthy with just a little education. My goal with 'EcoSense for Living' is for everyone to learn the many, simple ways they can improve our world."

In a 2013 interview with MNN, Garlington explained how the series first got its start in 2005 as a series of PSAs.

"I asked my brother to help me do some public service announcements, eco-tips, and he was all for it and shot them for me for free,” Garlington said. “The PBS affiliate in Lexington thought they were wonderful but really needed 30-minute shows. Through the Turner Foundation, we were able to fund the show. We wanted to do stories that would help people live a healthier life and save energy, save money."

After viewing a few of the episodes available online, you'll find that one of the series' greatest strengths is its ability surprise you with both people and stories you might never have heard of before. I particularly enjoyed learning more about renegade urban food farming in "Take Back the Farm," as well as insights from the authors of "Rich Food, Poor Food" in the episode "Food Fight." And in terms of helpful tips, you can't go wrong with experts like Paul Tukey, Dr. William Davis, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Laurie David and many more. 

"In 'EcoSense for Living' we have created an outlet to communicate to everyone just how easy it is to save money and to join in saving our resources for our children, whether you are a single homeowner, a huge corporate entity or an elementary school student," Garlington added. "It’s all about saving our world for the generations to come, and I can’t think of a better time to spread the word in Georgia than during Earth Month."

For a preview of what's to come later this month, check out episode 7 "Take Back the Farm" below. "EcoSense for Living" will air on GPB on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. EST, from April 13 through May 4.

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'EcoSense for Living' returns with new episodes for Earth Month
Host Jennie Turner Garlington continues her mission to entertain and educate audiences to save the environment and improve their lives.