Urban Fox model at EcoStiletto's one-year anniversary partyEco-fashion site EcoStiletto just turned a year old — and threw a party to celebrate at Environment Furniture in Los Angeles last night. Eco-fashionistas checked out Urban Fox’s eco-lingerie line on live models (right), signed the Teens Turning Green Lips Against Lead petition with a kiss, and got mini-makeovers from Josie Maran Cosmetics.

In the crowd were Rachelle Carson-Begley of Living with Ed fame, supermodel Josie Maran, and Anna Mkhitarian of eco-design house Annatarian — whose Seven Wishes Bracelets, made of recycled silver and hemp string — are now at Nordstroms.

Lots of eco-shwag — from reusable bags to green cleaning products — were being given out, as were lots of vegan cupcakes from Luscious Organic Desserts, organic vodka drinks, and organic wine. Those last two made last night very interesting but today a very unproductive for me…. Below left: Me with Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff of EcoStiletto.

Siel and Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff of EcoStiletto at EcoStiletto's one-year anniversary partyEcoStiletto's one-year anniversary party

EcoStiletto’s kicking off its second year with an eco-shoe sweepstakes! Enter to win one of three pairs of Olsen Haus shoes — which according to Ecostiletto are made of “the highest-quality leather and suede alternatives that tread lightest on the Earth.”

Top photo courtesy of sarahstrack.com; all other photos by Siel

EcoStiletto's green anniversary party
Eco-fashion site EcoStiletto celebrated its one-year anniversary with a celeb-studded party in Los Angeles.