Edward Norton isn’t the first celebrity to run a marathon for a good cause — but I’m quite sure he’ll be among the first to run with Kenyan Maasai Warriors to raise money for conservation.

No, Norton won’t actually be running in Kenya. Edward Norton, along with 3 Maasai warriors and a team of 30 other people — plans to run 26.2 miles of the New York Marathon. The goal: to raise money and awareness for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a Kenya-based conservation organization with a U.S. nonprofit partner — for whose board Norton serves as president.

The team includes other celebs like illusionist David Blaine – as well as people who work for the Trust or the sponsors of the event — all of whom are raising funds online at Maasai Marathon. Funds raised will go toward promoting conservation and sustainable economic development that will help preserve ecosystems in Kenya, which is currently experiencing a severe drought.

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Edward Norton and Maasai warriors to run marathon for an eco-cause
Edward Norton will run the N.Y. Marathon to raise money for conservation and sustainable development in Kenya.