Starting today and continuing thru October 3rd, celebrities like Edward Norton, Sophia Bush, Jonah Hill, and Snoop Lion will all compete in a charity tournament of the immensely popular game "Words with Friends." 


At stake is $500,000 in prize money from American Express, with celebrities playing on behalf of a charity of their own choosing. For Edward Norton, a self-described "Words with Friends" addict, he's confident that his Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund will come out the big winner. 


"I have to give myself time-outs on `Words With Friends,"' Norton said in a telephone interview with AP Monday. "I've gone through phases where I'm like, `What am I doing? This is much too much of my day."'


Regular gamers can get in on the fun by joining their favorite celebrity's team and playing words in games during the tournament to score team points. The teams with the highest scores will grab the biggest shares of the $500K winnings for their celebrity's charity of choice.


Norton's first challenge is Boston Celtics captain Paul "The Truth" Pierce, who is playing for his foundation The Truth Fund


"I think it's going to be a tough first round for him," quipped Norton. "I think it's great that he has a cause he supports, and I hope the amount he gets from just the first round is going to make him happy because I don't think it's going to go past there."


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Edward Norton takes on $500K charity challenge
Actor will go head-to-head against other celebrities in the game 'Words with Friends', with $500K in charity cash at stake.