Back in November of 2010, it was announced that production was finally moving ahead on a new documentary about Elizabeth Hurley and her 400-acre organic farm in Gloucestershire, England. The 46-year-old actress purchased the property several years ago and transformed it into a sustainable business selling organic meats and veggies under the label "Elizabeth Hurley Foods".


The one-hour long program, which was first hinted at back in 2008, would have given viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Hurley's philanthropy, family and farm in the U.K.  ”People always imagine me with perfect hair," she said. "But that’s not who I am. The first time he saw me in the country, my husband found me in wellies, covered in mud."


While the cameras did roll, the timing for the production appears to have been ill-fated. Not long after filming, Hurley divorced from her then-husband Arun Nayar (who apparently appears in the show) and became engaged to Australian cricketer Shane Warne. It's not exactly clear if she's still living on the farm. 
Sky Living, which in May reiterated its support for the doc, says that with their own rebranding, Hurley's lifestyle no longer fits with the demographics they're targeting. 
“Things change," a rep told the site ioL. "You have to give the audience what they want and move with the times. Sometimes what is captured on camera doesn’t deliver and we have to make a decision. Is it salvageable or do we rest it?”
Well if Hurley can't deliver some down-on-the-farm living, perhaps UK viewers would be interested in hosting some "Fabulous Beekman Boys?" We hear they're looking for a good network...

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Elizabeth Hurley's farming reality show axed
Program about the actress and her 400-acre organic farm in the UK will never see the light of day.