In an effort to help fund animal welfare charities, Ellen DeGeneres has launched a new Facebook game called "Joy Kingdom." 


Created by Sojo Studios, the game allows players to help Amani, King of the Animal Spirits, restore their world after shadows have stolen away all of the Joy. According to the release, players work together and overcome challenges to clear away the shadows and put the “joyful roar” back into Joy Kingdom. In the process, players earn a currency called Joy, which they are able to contribute to their choice of charitable projects in the real world.


“I’ve always said I like speaking for animals, because they can’t speak for themselves,” DeGeneres said. “And now I’m going on Facebook for them, because my cat can never remember her password.  Joy Kingdom is fun, and I’m excited about how many animals we’re gonna help.”


The game is the second from Sojo, which earlier launched the socially conscious Facebook title WeTopia in partnership with Justin Bieber to benefit children's charities. 


"In WeTopia, people get to have fun while helping kids around the world," said Bieber in support of Degeneres' new game. ''In Joy Kingdom, players get to do the same, but while helping real animals. I'm blessed to be in a position to support causes that I believe in. I hope that when my fans play Joy Kingdom they feel the same way."



Benefitting organizations signed up at launch include The Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society and Farm Sanctuary. The first featured social good in Joy Kingdom is a limited-edition game animal available for purchase that will deliver a bale of hay to a real animal in need. 


"With WeTopia, Sojo Studios sought to benefit children through key charities and projects.  Now, with the passion of Ellen DeGeneres, as well as the active support of Justin Bieber, we're launching Joy Kingdom to benefit animal welfare organizations," offered Lincoln Brown, founder and CEO of Sojo Studios.  "We're grateful to them and our NGO partners, and proud that Sojo continues to lead the charge for social good gaming."


Want to Joy Kingdom a shot? Hit the official app page here

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