After a tense weekend of watching smoke and flame grow closer to their 26-acre Santa Monica ranch, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi can rest a bit easier.

California firefighters announced early Monday morning that they had contained roughly 80% of the blaze that had destroyed over 28,000 acres since May 1st. Strong Santa Ana winds combined with low humidity sparked a wildfire that at one point threatened more than 4,000 homes in the densely populated area.

Over the weekend, DeGeneres shared dramatic photos of the encroaching fires - one after another becoming worse in size as time ticked by.

It's unclear whether Ellen, Portia, and their myriad of animals (including two horses) were evacuated, but only a few hours ago she tweeted an update letting her fans know that the worst was apparently over.

Ellen and Portia purchased the 6,300 square foot horse ranch back in 2009 for $10M; fulfilling a lifelong dream to own a quiet retreat. “It’s our dream that we’ll end up in a sweet country town on a farm,” Portia said earlier that year. “I love horses and riding and love animals and Ellen loves animals. It would be lovely for us. It’s what we’re going to do when we’re not working anymore.”

Firefighters say they expect to have the blaze full contained by late Tuesday. Investigators ruled out arson as the cause.

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Ellen Degeneres's ranch nearly destroyed by wildfires
Comedian posts dramatic photos of the blaze that has burned over 28,000 acres in California since May 1st.