Ellen Page is currently on a media blitz for her new eco-thriller "The East" - which means there's a lot of interviewers getting schooled on environmental buzzwords like permaculture, freeganism, and colony collapse disorder.

That's because Page is the real deal when it comes to having experience in the sustainability scene. Not only has the 26-year-old spent time studying permaculture at an eco-village in Eugene, Oregon, but she's also narrated a film on colony collapse disorder ("The Vanishing of the Bees"), joined rallies for clean energy, and kicked around green ideas with Leonardo DiCaprio. So it's no surprise that when Page is interviewed, this side of ther life is often brought up.

During a recent visit with Conan O'Brien to promote "The East," Page was asked about the freegan lifestyle that features prominently in the film.

"It's essentially people who want to live on the outskirts of capitalism and don't want to take accountability for their own footprint on the world," she explained. "So it's essentially about seeing the value in waste and using that. So, for example dumpster diving and getting food that otherwise would go to a dump - good food - and taking it, cooking it, and eating it."

Check out the full clip below - which also features a bit of Page juggling and sharing more about her eco-village days.

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Ellen Page talks freegan lifestyle on 'Conan'
Actress, currently starring in the eco-thriller 'The East,' describes freeganism and her experiences on an eco-village studying permaculture.