The first trailer for Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium" (the same guy behind the fantastic "District 9") has arrived — and, like other summer films this year, imagines a bleak future Earth.

Starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, the film is akin to a science fiction version of the Occupy Wall Street movement — with the poor inhabiting a polluted, ruined Earth, and the rich taking refuge far above in a luxurious, green, and technologically-advanced space station called Elysium. When Damon's character is forced to seek out the medical services offered to the rich, he's thrust into a plot to bring down the utopian society and help save millions of lives on Earth. 

In a recent interview, Blomkamp was quick to dismiss that current events had any impact on his story. 

"I think they are just topics that are on people's minds, and things manifest out of reality, this global consciousness," he said. "Separate from the Occupy movement and the 99 percent discussion, I was thinking of this throughout that. I remember reading something about Christopher Nolan trying to film some Occupy movement for "The Dark Knight Rises." That was the first time that I realized I was making a film that, in terms of social consciousness, fit into a CNN sound bite. They've always come from the same place. I just don't want it to be fast food and throwaway, if that makes sense."

Check out the trailer for "Elysium" below. 

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'Elysium' trailer features polluted, ruined Earth
Science fiction film starring Matt Damon paints a future where the rich live in luxury in space -- and the rest of the 99% toil on a ravaged planet.