Former "Brat Pack" member Emilio Estevez may only have one acre to his name out in Malibu, Calif., but perhaps more than any other celebrity with a green thumb, he's made the most of what he's got. 


Nearly every square inch of the lot is covered in grape vines, a passion started in 2005 and has since grown into a winery business called Casa Dumetz. Estevez and his fiancée, Sonja Magdevski, produce roughly 600 cases of wine annually — with most selling to local shops. 


“My grandfather, who was from Galicia, Spain, grew up tending a vineyard and growing potatoes and raising chickens and all of these things that are coming naturally to me now,” Estevez, 49, is quoted as saying. “I was drawn to it in an unconscious way.”


In a new interview with The Huffington Post concerning his latest film, "The Way," Emilio says his one-acre lot embodies the lesson in the movie of living a life rather than making a living. 


"I have a micro-farm and grow a lot of my own food. I raise chickens for eggs, and worms for soil, and have bees for honey. I have a hothouse and vineyards for making pinot noir, with our own label from Casa Dumetz and a website where you can find out what we’re doing out there. We give our food to local restaurants."


Estevez credits his microfarm as a source of "meditation" and for providing him with inspiration to write "The Way."


"I write a lot of dialogue out there," he told the NY Times. "I'd do a row and then back inside to write and then back outside. It was this wonderful exchange."


You can check out the trailer for the film, which stars Emilio's famous father Martin Sheen, below. 


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Emilio Estevez is a micro farmer
Actor says he grows much of his own food on a small plot of land in Malibu, Calif.