If you've ever wanted a shot at owning a commercial celebrity vineyard, now's your chance. 

Emilio Estvez has listed his gorgeous Malibu compound - the birthplace of his Casa Dumetz wine business - for $7.8M. The site, located on approximately 1.1 acres is a classic model for micro-farming - with nearly every space filled with grape vines, fruit trees, and gardening beds. The main residence is a 3,731 square feet home comprising of four bedrooms and five bathrooms and featuring such amenities as archways, hand-painted frescoes, beamed cathedral ceilings and stained glass. 

The 51-year-old, who purchased the property back in 2000 for $2.2M, said in a recent interview that his micro-farm has been a source of "meditation" for him. 

"Eighty percent of it is Pinot Noir grapes," he told Bon Appetit. "We’ve also got blackberries, blueberries. Hothouse tomatoes. Padron peppers. Eggs. Chickens. A worm farm. Honeybees. Four types of squash. Five types of lettuce. Four varieties of cucumbers. Three varieties of beans. Carrots. Spinach. An acre, in theory, is capable of producing 30 to 40 thousand dollars’ worth of food.

It also provided him with inspiration to write the 2011 film "The Way." 

"I write a lot of dialogue out there," he told the NY Times. "I'd do a row and then back inside to write and then back outside. It was this wonderful exchange."

While it's unclear where Estevez may move to next, it's likely that he'll be bringing his love for winemaking with him. 

"When we were in Galicia, where my grandfather is from, every backyard had grapevines, a vegetable patch and a few chickens," he told Wine Enthusiast. "I did not grow up farming, but here I am now, planting grapes and pruning vines. I believe it has to do with genetics, why we are drawn to a certain thing for no apparent reason."

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Emilio Estevez's Malibu winery and home listed for $7.8M
Actor has been micro-farming the 1.1 acre property with grapes, fruit trees, and irrigated garden beds.