To honor her tireless commitment to fighting for animal rights, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) last week honored actress Emily Deschanel with the prestigious Humane Advocate Award.

The "Bones" star, who is also a vegan, has lent her name and time to many HSUS campaigns, including those addressing dogfighting and factory farming. She also serves on the National Council of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, and is a frequent presenter at the annual Genesis Awards, The HSUS’ flagship Hollywood event.

“I’m honored to receive this award, but we can all be effective animal advocates by simply adopting from a shelter or rescue group, refusing to wear fur, or going vegetarian for at least one day week,” says Emily. “When someone tells me they stopped eating chicken because of the Bones factory farming episode we did last year, I consider that a small victory.”

On that particular episode, titled "The Tough Man In The Tender Chicken", real life undercover footage of a chicken factory farm was presented to viewers courtesy of the org Farm Sanctuary. It later went on to win a 2010 Genesis Award for best dramatic series.

“Emily is a true champion of the animal protection cause, who walks the walk and talks the talk both personally and professionally,” says The HSUS’ Beverly Kaskey. “Not only is she willing to actively speak out about the issues, but she has helped spotlight them in various episodes of Bones, thereby delivering an animal protection message to a huge primetime audience.”

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Emily Deschanel receives animal advocacy honor
'Bones' star given Humane Advocate Award by the Humane Society of the United States.