Calling it the "most critical humanitarian crisis of our time," the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Sunday evening used the 2015 Emmy Awards to draw attention to climate change. Throughout the festivities, a variety of entertainers could be seen on stage and in the audience wearing green ribbons hash-tagged with the words #DemandClimateAction.

The push to raise awareness comes ahead of the summit in Paris in December where hundreds of world leaders will finalize a new global agreement for fighting climate change. In addition to Martin, celebs spotted wearing the ribbons included Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Louis CK, Don Cheadle, Mandy Patinkin, Gaby Hoffman and Laurie David. The campaign's biggest exposure for the night, however, came when "Transparent" star Jeffrey Tambor won for best actor.

Followed by "Game of Thrones" director David Nutter's score:

To throw your own support behind the green ribbon campaign, sign the NRDC petition demanding climate action in Paris here.

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Why stars wore green ribbons at the Emmys
TV's biggest night was also a statement of support for action on climate change.