If you thought the Syfy Channel's 'Sharknado' original movie was hilariously bad, just wait until the network haunts your dreams with 'Ghost Shark.' 

The film, set to debut in August, tells the tale of a small oceanside town literally under siege by a dead Great White shark that can attack anywhere on land and sea. All that's required, naturally, is a little but of water "to sustain its phantom form." As you'll see in the trailer below, even bathtubs aren't safe. 

“The phrase we use internally is ‘ridiculously entertaining,’” Thomas Vitale, executive vice president of programming and original movies at Syfy, told Bloomberg about the channel's creative process. “We have fun brainstorming sessions, I can tell you that.”

Hopefully 'Ghost Shark' will scare up better ratings for the channel than 'Sharknado.' In a bit of a twist, while everyone talked about the flick on social media, actual ratings showed just over 1 million tuned in to watch. The network is hoping that a repeat airing on July 18th will generate a bigger splash. 

Check out a trailer for 'Ghost Shark', which airs August 22nd, below. Let's hope "Zombie Sharks" isn't far behind.

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Enjoy 'Sharknado'? Get ready for 'Ghost Shark'
New Syfy original movie features a paranormal shark that can appear anywhere 'there's enough water to sustain its phantom form.'