At last night's MTV European Music Awards in Madrid, host Eva Longoria came out on stage dressed in a giant ham costume. "Lady Gaga couldn't be here tonight but she left this dress in the refrigerator backstage," the "Desperate Housewives" star quipped.

Longoria was poking fun at the real raw meat dress that Gaga wore during the MTV Video Music Awards in September. But while the gag is now officially "overdone," it appears to have struck a nerve with the "Bad Romance" singer. 

"Gaga didn't find it funny and said that Eva should find her own gimmicks," a source told the Daily Mirror.

Lady Gaga, who won three awards at the ceremony, also reportedly said: "Why can't she stop stealing my ideas?"

Of course, it's hard to tell whether such comments a.) even happened in the first place or b.) aren't being said in jest. One would think it takes a lot more than a knock-off costume to wind up Gaga. 

One thing's for sure: Longoria's dress almost certainly smelled better. Check out video of the outfit below: 

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Eva Longoria's ham costume 'upsets' Lady Gaga
MTV EMA host pokes a little fun at the raw meat dress worn by the singer in September.