In what's shaping up to be quite the ensemble cast, both Robin Wright and Sam Worthington have been announced as new additions to director Baltasar Kormakur’s "Everest" disaster drama. The film focuses on the events on and leading up to May 10, 1996, when eight people (including several veteran guides) were caught in a blizzard and died on Mount Everest during a summit attempt. 

According to Deadline, Worthington will play guide Guy Cotter, while Wright will take on the role of Beck Weather’s (played by Josh Brolin) wife, Peach.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke will portray the expedition's group leaders Scott Fischer and Rob Hall respectively, with Emily Watson, John Hawkes, Vanessa Kirby, and Thomas Wright in other roles.

In an interview with Variety in January, Kormakur said he intended to shoot "Everest" with as much authenticity as safely possible. 

"It’ll be realistic as possible. Of course, i’d love to shoot at the Summit of “Everest,” but then I might come back without half of my cast. So we’re also shooting in a studio. We do as we can, we have to use film technique. It’s like using hair extensions instead of a wig. In hair extensions some is real."

Below is the first look at Jason Clarke in the film. After finishing location shoots at the base of Mount Everest in Nepal, production is expected to pick up in studios in Rome and the U.K. Universal Pictures has set an expected release date of September 2015. 

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'Everest' disaster drama adds Robin Wright, Sam Worthington
Director Baltasar Kormakur’s film will focus on the May 10, 1996 disaster, the worst tragedy in the climbing history of Mount Everest.